Gift of Sight Program

local vision, global mission

Part of our commitment to excellence in our profession is to provide for the needs of those without access to eye care in our local community and around the world. With each pair of glasses purchased at Fairway Eye Center, we have donated a portion of the sales to be used as part of our ongoing mission to extend the gift of sight to those in need. Thank you for helping us make the world see a little better every day!

Community involvement is at the core of our values at Fairway Eye Center. In addition to mission trips to Guatemala and Mexico, we have supported the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, the Lions Club, the homeless community in Kansas City, InfantSee, St. Ann School, and many more local events and charities.

Share the shade

In addition to the need for corrected vision, many residents in countries we’ve visited can’t afford good UV protection for their eyes despite spending much of their time outdoors. This began our push to send UV-blocking sun wear to the parts of the globe that need it the most, and to educate on the importance of protecting the eyes from these harmful rays. Your purchase of sunglasses at Fairway Eye Center has helped us to “Share the Shade” with members of our global community that are most likely to develop sun damage that leads to early cataracts, pterygiums, and retinal degeneration.