Eye Center Services

Fairway Eye Center provides comprehensive vision care, including eye health and disease management, family optometric care, and management of the total patient. For your convenience, we accept a wide variety of vision and medical insurance plans. We also have the latest innovations in eyewear, contact lenses and laboratory services.


We offer extended office hours, including Saturdays, and are currently scheduling appointments up to twelve months in advance. Call us at our Fairway or Liberty location; or schedule an appointment online today. We truly appreciate your patronage, and look forward to serving your vision care needs.

Fairway Eye Center

Ten reasons to buy your glasses from Fairway Eye Center

Two-year warranty on all frames

If for any reason (except loss, theft, or extreme abuse) you need your frame repaired or replaced, we will do it at no charge for two years from the date of purchase.

Two-year warranty on plastic lenses

If you scratch your lenses, we will remake your lenses one time in the two year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you (limited to the same prescription.)

One-year warranty on specialty coatings

Anti-reflective coatings or mirror coatings will be replaced one time in a one year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you.

Wide selection of frame styles

Our dispensary has over seven hundred frames from which to choose, including a large selection of children’s frames.

Knowledgeable, courteous staff

We can help you find the perfect size, shape and color of frame for you; and we have spanish-speaking representatives to help you find what you need.

Latest, high-tech lens coatings

We use only the most reputable laboratories in the country for our specialty coatings.

Experienced, trained opticians

Our opticians can assist you with the many lens options available that make a great looking pair of glasses. Our experience and expertise in this area are our greatest assets and benefits to you.

Pleasant surroundings in which to choose your eyewear.

We stand behind our prescriptions.

Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs if you have any difficulties (at no charge.) We want you to love your glasses!

Highest quality available

We use only the highest-quality materials for your glasses. We utilize a local professional lab with a national reputation to guarantee the finest quality finished product. Your glasses will normally be ready within seven working days. We are not striving to be the fastest, just the best.

Close-up of blue woman eye with contact lens applying

Ten reasons to purchase contact lenses from Fairway Eye Center

Assurance of proper, custom fit.

We are able to offer complimentary disposable contacts to replace torn or defective lenses.

Exercising vendor warranties when necessary.

Dispensing patient rebates, when available.

Inspection of lenses for proper prescription specifications, before dispensing.

Our contact lens technicians can answer your questions in detail.

Most replacement contacts can be conveniently ordered over the phone and mailed at patient’s request.

We strive to offer low fees on replacement contact lenses.

Complimentary trial on all new lens types. (Colors, bifocals, etc.)

No follow-up charges for any visit resulting from contact lens related complications.

Specialty Contact Lens Services

No pair of eyes is the same. That’s why we offer specialty contact lens services to help patients with unique vision circumstances. Our state of the art equipment and experienced specialists can design a contact lens solution that is a perfect fit for your needs.

Learn more about our specialty services, including corneal reshaping therapy, which uses specialty contacts to reshape your cornea and help reverse myopia and improve your vision. Click here to learn more.