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Spotlight on Dr. Nichols

How did you get interested in optometry? “I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field, so I started shadowing various professions while in college. I shadowed an optometrist who provided a lot of insight into why optometry is a great profession with many options for those with various interests. Because I have […]

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Optometrist Spotlight – Dr. Burt Schreiber

How did you get interested in optometry? “My college biology professor suggested that I shadow an optometrist as part of my career search.  I met a fantastic optometrist that is still a great friend to this day.  At the time we met, I had never had an eye exam.  After that first exam, I learned […]

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Optometrist Spotlight- Dr. Mark Bunde

How did you get interested in optometry? “My parents moved next door to an optometrist when I was an undergrad. He had saved a patient’s vision through his care. I saw first hand how an optometrist can make a significant impact on a patient’s life and it made a significant impact on me.”   What […]

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